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Dear reader
It's that time in our year when we have to start consdering succession planning for our President and Secretary.
Both of these positions are very important; without them, the club can not survive.
So, we are looking for volunteers to offer their help. These are both voluntary positions, which will take up as much of your time as you are willing to give.
We are fortunate recently, to have had two very pro-active memebrs and we would really like somebody who will continue to drive the club in the years ahead.
Obviously, as much help as is required will be available for the new incumbents.
For more details, please contact the President here: president@u3aoliva.org.
King Charles III's coronation is due to take place on Saturday 6 May and if you would like to mark the occasion, you are just the person or persons we are looking for! We need one or more members to volunteer to plan an event - it doesn't need to be a big event - the choice is yours. If you are interested in volunteering, please email the president@u3aOliva.org.
14 members and friends enjoyed our traditional Alternative Christmas Amble and Festive picnic at Font d,Elca Salem. Christmas morning dawned bright and sunny and after enjoying our coffee and Tostadas we set off for a lovely amble through the countryside to Font d,Elca where we shared our festive picnic complete with Cava and other good things.
We are pleased to be able to offer two places on the Friday Yoga class. Interested? For more information go to https://u3aoliva.org/yoga/ or email yoga@u3aoliva.org
We have a member with a lot of photographic accessories, mainly for M42 screw-thread cameras (e.g. the old Pentax Spotmatic), also a wide range of Cokin filters and some Tamron adapters for M42. No cameras. Sadly, he is not going to use any of them again, so wants to find a home for everything (too much to list individually).

Our member could deposit the lot in one of the local charity shops, but is prepared to give them to someone who will make good use of them … or who wants to take on selling them e.g. on eBay, for whatever purpose.
If you are interested, please contact the webmaster (webmaster@u3aoliva.org) in the first instance.
In response to a couple of enquiries, here is a brief explanation of how to view your membership card.
We no longer issue individual cards - It was quite expensive and required a lot of background work to issue or replace.
The system has now been simplified to this:
1. Log on as normal
2. If you are not there already, go to the MEMBERS page (Click on the MEMBERS tab)
3. Scroll down until you see CLICK HERE TO VIEW YOUR PROFILE
4. Click on it.
This will take you to your profile page. Here you can also change your password.
Scroll down the page and at the bottom you will find your membership card - it's on a white background for ease of printing - do not print the big blue card!
When you have found your card you can print it out (hover over the card and a printer symbol appears - click on it.), save it to your PC etc or, and this is probably easiest, simply take a photograph. Then, whenever you are asked, for example to join a group, or take advantage of local deals arranged by your U3A, you can simple show the picture to prove your membership.
Finally...If you would like to add anything to our pages, please contact webmaster@u3aoliva.org.
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