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Dear reader
Dear Group Leaders and Deputies,

Apologies, an important item was missed from the previous notification!
The meeting will start at 12.00

It has been some time since we last held a Group Leader meeting. I should like to reinstate this important annual event on 9th March 2023, in the first floor hall of Pensionistas. The meeting will be followed by lunch on the ground floor, curtesy of the U3A Committee as a thank you for all the time and effort you have put into making your groups such a success. Partners are also welcome but will be expected to pay for their own lunch.

The meeting gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas about the effectiveness of our existing groups and to discuss the potential for expanding activities into new areas. We should also like to canvass support for holding an Autumn Fayre to showcase U3A activities with existing and potential new members. The previous Fayre, in Summer 2019 ,was particularly successful in this regard, made so by the participation of a large number of groups, their leaders and deputies.

The Webmaster will also make a short presentation on access to membership cards and to getting the most out of the group web pages.

I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment to making U3A Oliva a success. I will be circulating a brief agenda in the coming weeks and would invite you to submit any items you wish to debate with the committee and the other group leaders. For planning purposes it would be helpful if you could indicate as early as possible whether you and your deputy plan to attend the meeting and/or the lunch

With kind regards

Group Coordinator, U3A Oliva
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