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Dear reader
Once again the Pensionistas coffee mornings are proving a great hit, with more people coming every time! And, don't forget, you can pay your subs there - why bother with bank transfers and the like when you can come for a pleasant coffee and pay at the time?
Our Choir group has decided they have sung their last, after a number of years. On the other hand, there is already a successful book club at the south end of Oliva but not everybody can get there easily. We are therefore considering starting another book club at the North (Gandia) end.
If you would be interested, please contact Tina Bellenie on the U3A FB page or by email to tinabellenie@gmail.com"
The Craft and Yarn group has restarted. Anyone who enjoys meeting new people is welcome.
We have a wide range of skills within the group and will be happy to teach a beginner or you are welcome to bring your current project; whether knitting, embroidery, macramé, painting, jewellery making etc.
We are a very friendly group and all love to natter while we work.
You will find us on Mondays in the downstairs area at the Pensionista Centre in Oliva at 11-1pm.
Please do come and say hello.
Ángela Town
Unfortunately, due to lack of interest we had to stop the Flamenco beginners class.
However, we invite those who still might be enthusiastic for this class, to come to the advanced class on Wednesdays from 10-11 at the Pensionistas and discuss possibilities with Karen, the teacher.
Very important - September is renewal month, the web site is set up to accept payment shortly, or you are very welcome to pay at any of our coffee mornings. 10€ again this year, for access to all our groups, almoner assistance, buy/sell and local discounts. It's well worth it!
You can please some of the people all of the time,
You can please all of the people some of the time,
But you can’t please all the people all of the time.
John Lydgate

On this basis, there will be a Suggestion Box on display at future Coffee Mornings in which you can place your suggestions as to what improvements, if any, can be made to the Coffee Mornings or to the U3A Oliva in general.
You can also have a word with the President or any of the Committee Members who are present. Please bear in mind that if your suggestion involves one of the Groups in which you are involved, then it would be best for you to speak/write to the Group Leader who has volunteered to run the Group.
Should your suggestion involve the website, please write or talk to Kelvin Jarman, our Webmaster, who will be able to sort out the issue with which you are concerned.
In addition, we are happy to let you know that Deirdre Mason has offered to take up the role of Suggestion Officer and she will deal with your written suggestions. Her email address is suggestions@u3aoliva.org and she is just a pen nib or qwerty keyboard away from you.
I’d like to conclude by saying that it is more appropriate that you yourself write or talk to someone who can help, rather than getting a third party to voice your complaints or suggestions on your behalf. The U3A is for you and is about you – you are the U3A. No one other member has a more important voice nor opinion than you.
President U3A Oliva
Finally...If you would like to add anything to our pages, please contact webmaster@u3aoliva.org.
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