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Card making Group

Group Leader: Ann K

Deputy Group Leader:

Email: cardmaking@u3aoliva.org


Where: Marxuquera

Numbers Max: 8


If you would like more details or to be an active participant in the group, please contact the leader via the email above.

Current Information:


A Memory Game

Something crafty for you to do with a friend and it also helps to improve your Spanish.
You will need a box from a pizza, cereal, wine etc. Cut into 5cm squares. Preferably somewhere between 24 and 30 cards.
You will also need 2 identical magazines so Lidls or Aldi weekly magazines are ideal.
 Also you will need some scissors and some glue. Most supermarkets will have bottles of white PVA glue in their stationary section.
Choose as many duplicate pictures as you can and glue to the ‘messy’ side of the cards. Trim when dry.
The backs of the cards must be identical to prevent cheating.
Lay the cards face down on a surface and turn 2 at a time. If they match you can remove them. If not turn them back but remember where you placed them!
You can play this on your own or with your partner. The object of the game is to remove all the pairs of cards.
If you copy the name of the product in Spanish onto the card you can revise your Spanish at the same time.

About Our Group

It is always nice to receive a handmade card, because you know extra thought and love has gone into making it.
So how about wowing your friends and family with a special card for that special occasion.
Ann has a lot of equipment and materials to help you.  The workshops will be at the leader’s house in Marxuquera (Please email the leader for directions). 
No experience necessary and there may also be a cost for materials used.
Space is limited to 8 people per workshop.
This will be a fun workshop for those who have never tried cardmaking as well as those more experienced who might like to try different techniques.
If you are interested please contact the leader via email if you would like to have more details.
Please do let the leader know if you are coming along. You are welcome to come for a week or two, just to see if you enjoy it.