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Ladies Self-defence Group

Group Leader: Garry S

Email: ladiesdefence@u3aoliva.org

When: Tuesday 18.00 – 19.00

Where: Pensionistes, Oliva 

If you would like more details or to be an active participant in the group, please contact the leader via the email above.

About our group


This is a new activity for the U3A. It is designed specifically for ladies looking to increase their self-awareness and sense of security in an increasingly violent and uncertain world. We hope you will gain enjoyment from the group.

The objective of the group is to raise awareness of our daily surroundings and the risks they present, including protecting oneself from potential aggression. Tactics include blocks, punches, kicks and strikes to the body intended to disarm and physically disable. The course is intended to be flexible and will be designed to cater to the physical abilities and requirements of participants.