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The Newsletter of the U3A in Oliva

Issue 54

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President’s Message:

Hello Everyone

It feels likely that we are in for a long and rather challenging winter.  Next weekend the clocks will go back an hour, giving us shorter days and longer nights.

Our U3A Oliva branch continues to try to cope with the current conditions.  Your Committee has had its usual  Meetings via Zoom which is a new experience for all of us.

I think it’s important to try to live our lives within the present social constraints.  In order to do this, we need to interact socially with each other which, at this time, is challenging to say the least.  Those groups which can meet are meeting while others have had to temporarily cease their usual activities or adapt them.  Kelvin, your Group Co-ordinator, has asked Group Leaders to let him know which Groups are meeting so should be able to give you an update if you contact him.

For the next two weeks, Jan and I will be at the Kiosk café in the Paseo at 11.00 am on Tuesday 20th and again on Tuesday the 27th having a coffee whilst watching the world go by.  Should any of you wish to join us or wave at us whilst passing in your car, I would be very happy.

Keep smiling even though no one can see your smile behind your mask!

Best wishes from myself and your Committee: Anja, Kelvin, Nancy, Diana, Francoise,Julie, Steven, Anthony, John and Kathleen



There has been a lot of discussion around whether our groups should re-start in these troubling times. After much debate, the committee have agreed that those groups that can maintain adherence to the current Covid restriction and want to open can do so.

This means maintaining social distancing, hand washing etc.

Members understand they are responsible for their own Health & Safety when involved in group activities; as well as that we feel it is necessary that all members agree to some Covid-specific terms.

To this end we have produced an on-line form for your use. We would ask that all members wishing to join an open group complete this form and show to the group leaders. Each leader wishing to restart their group will need to either check that the member has completed the form, or asks to see the member's hard copy.

I’m sure we all understand the reasons for these precautions; as always STAY SAFE!

It is important we all understand our individual responsibilities at this time. Therefore, would ALL members who are entering into group activities, please complete a short disclaimer here, or print and sign the form here, to show your group leaders.

NOTE leaders will request confirmation before allowing anyone to enter the group.

PLEASE BE AWARE, the CPC will NOT open until July.

It is currently being used as school and office overspill and will not be released for our use until at least then.

Note also that other meeting rooms in town, such as the Pensionistas, will also NOT make their rooms available at this time. This is because the requirements for cleansing before and after each room is used.

However, the cafe in the Pensionistas is open!


Monthly Meetings during these uncertain times


We are looking at ways of maintaining the social element of our great organisation!

In reference to the last committee meeting with Zoom on the 8th of October,  it was suggested Françoise  and I find an alternative to the monthly General Meetings.

          According to the new Covid-19 regulations and after a meeting with the Oliva townhall authorities, we will not be able to  organize a get together with more than 10 people as there are no venues available unless we do it outside.

          An alternative was mentioned: organizing a morning coffee on the paseo with no more than 10 persons at the time, but both  Françoise and I didn’t feel comfortable meeting with members, some for the first time, in a restricted space and with the lack of conviviality having to talk with a mask.

          The other option could be a Zoom meeting also with 10 people at most. In this case everybody can stay at home and there will not be any risk for infection or feeling guilty if one of us has, without knowing,  infected another person.

          For safety, we propose a monthly Zoom meeting on the last 4th Thursday of the month at 11:00 hours. It involves having a good internet connection, a screen and a camera. Either Françoise or I will send you a link with an invitation for the meeting which you will have to download to your computer or tablet. If you have any questions about how Zoom works or how to download the link then, don’t hesitate to contact our webmaster: Kelvin Jarman, his email address is:  kelvin.jarman@sky.com.

          We would appreciate if anybody is interested, either for this idea or for signing up for a meeting, contact us via email:

Francoise: smokeychat@icloud.com

Anja: homburg.anja@gmail.com.

          We would appreciate it if you could inform us about the u3a topic you would like to discuss.

         Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

         Best regards,


Readers' letters

Letters are accepted for publication subject to approval by the editor. No correspondence will be entered into.

Email your views here.

No letters yet – get commenting, your feedback is important!

An appeal on behalf of the Franciscan Shelter in Gandia
Dear Members, thank you on behalf of the shelter for your generosity after the first appeal, overwhelmed and very much appreciated.
If you feel you would be able to contribute again, I will be outside the Polivalent on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st of October between 3 and 5pm, and again on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th, 3 – 5pm.
They require dried goods, rice, pasta etc, canned goods, all toiletries, shower gel, toothpaste etc.
If you feel you could contribute a few euros I will use it to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, very important given their meagre diet.
Thank you in advance. We all know that in these troubled times – ‘Every Little Helps’.
Stephen Hems

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