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The Newsletter of the U3A in Oliva

Issue 60SE


We are very pleased to be able to say, after discussions with the town hall, that the Pensionistas are allowing us to use their rooms from Monday 3rd May.

Obviously, there are Covid rules to adhere to:

  1. Masks to be worn please.
  2. Hand sanitizers to be used – leaders or members to supply.
  3. Cleanse the area before you leave – disinfect tables, chairs etc.
  4. Leave the windows open when you go.
  5. Remove any crockery etc. back to the bar.
  6. Please do not take your own drinks – the Pensionistas are helping us, we can and should reciprocate and the drinks at the bar are a fair price!
  7. No food upstairs.

It is important that leaders introduce themselves to Angela at the bar and notify her when the group moves upstairs. Please ask late-comers to let Angela know when they arrive; Angela needs to know who is in the building for obvious reasons.

As a general reminder for leaders – as it’s been months! – please check the information at the bottom of the page.

If you would like extra advertising for your group, please advise the group coordinator here.

Calling all crafters and knitters!

Why not come and join us, you will be very welcome. 

This craft group is for people to have a go and try their hand at something new. 

Would you like to learn new skills, meet new people, chat and have fun?  Are you a knitter who wants to learn embroidery or a crocheter who would like to make jewellery?

We are looking for new members for a potential bee keeping group!

More details will be posted as they become available, so keep watching!

Line dancing.  Nigel and Lynne are looking forward to welcoming dancers, both regulars and newcomers, to the classes which restart on MONDAY 3rd May 2021 after more than a year off! All the details and how to join us can be found on the group page.  

Walking Football returns officially on Friday 7 May, at the usual time of 11.00am at the usual place – the blue 5-a-side outdoor pitch at Oliva Sports Centre. More details on the walking football group page. Please note that John Robertson is organising an informal kick about a week earlier at the same location, that’s 11.00am this Friday, 30 April. Old and new players welcome, go along to get the lockdown stiffness out of those muscles!


Mondays 9:45-10:45am at the Pensionistas, 1st floor, starting 10th May.
A fee will apply, exact amount depending on number in the class
If interested, please CONTACT GROUP LEADER HERE


We welcome new members who enjoy singing a wide range of music, from musical shows to carols.

Join us at the Pensionistas on Fridays from 4 until 6, top floor room, starting 7th May

Sing & Play

The main purpose is to have fun together because it is a special experience to make music in a friendly group.

We will be in the top floor room at the Pensionistas from 4 until 6 on Mondays starting 3rd May.


The main purpose of the group will be to join together to improve our playing ability, learn from others in the group and have some fun!!!

Come and see us at the Pensionistas Tuesday afternoons 4 until 6.

LEADERS Please re-read

Basic information about Group Leaders
Thank you for checking out this information. This quick guide is for prospective or new group leaders.
A group leader or deputy leader can be any of the below:
 The person who is the contact and organizer for that group’s members
 The person who collates and distributes information/teaches or instructs for the group

Groups are at the heart of the U3A movement, without them there would be no Association. We all come from different backgrounds and with different interests and knowledge.

Sharing your enthusiasm with others can be fun and fulfilling.
If you are interested in becoming a GL, please read the questions and answers below. Further information is available in the U3A Oliva group’s leader’s notes or from the Group Coordinator.

What does a G L have to do?
 Arrange date, time and place for meetings of the group
 Maintain a register of members
 Co-ordinate the activities of the group, in collaboration with the members
 Keep the group’s web page up to date (if applicable)
 Inform the group coordinator of any interesting group news

Do I need any qualifications or special skills?
 No, but it is useful to be able to use a computer to maintain a list of members and to send and receive emails.
Does the GL receive any payment?
 Definitely not, only the satisfaction and enjoyment of sharing his / her interests and skills with the other members.
What resources are available?
 Groups can purchase resources such as books, music, materials, and equipment from the central fund. The Association also has a laptop computer, projector and screen, PA system, music centre and mobile phone for the use of any group on request.
Do the Group leaders get support or meet regularly?
 All group leaders have access to the group coordinator and the deputy group coordinator for help and support with all admin tasks and training to enable use of the website if requested. We are happy to undertake your group page maintenance if you so wish, but learning a new skills maybe something you would like to do.
We arrange a GL meeting every autumn and sometimes in the spring. Sharing ideas and getting feedback is important for all of us, and it is good to get together.
How do I become a GL?
 Speak to the GL’s coordinator and arrange a meeting.

Groups holding weekly meetings, please see a register here.

Groups with monthly meetings, see the register here.

Expenses please click here.

It is the leaders’ responsibility to ensure ALL group members are also U3A Oliva members. Please ask for proof. Members ARE allowed to attend group meetings twice before fees (if any) must be paid.

The group leader or designated deputy must attend all group meetings.