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July 2021

The Newsletter of the U3A in Oliva

Issue 63

From our President

In writing this final Newsletter and reflecting on the past U3A Oliva year, I have to say that it has been one of the most trying that many of us will have experienced. External restrictions and self care have rightly dominated not only our thoughts but our activities. Those Groups which could meet have continued to meet whether normally or via Zoom and, to those Groups which were unable to meet, I would say that better times are, hopefully, ahead.

While some Groups are continuing to meet throughout August, most will restart (restrictions permitting) in September at the start of the 2021-22 U3A year. There are, however, some groups which need a Group Leader before they can restart and those are listed on the website. If you feel you would like to volunteer to be a Group Leader for one of those Groups, please contact Angela Garry, Group Co-ordinator, to find out more about what being a Group Leader entails.

I would take this opportunity to remind you to renew your U3A membership in September so that you are kept informed of all the activities on offer. A further email will be sent out about membership renewal later.

Keep safe and well and enjoy the rest of the Summer from myself and your Committee


U3A Oliva President

Almoner - Help Needed

The call for assistance from our U3A  members who find themselves in a difficult situation …is thankfully few and far between. However .. when the need arises it would be a great relief to have a few more volunteers on my list of people who would be willing to help in any way they can if someone suddenly finds themselves struggling for whatever reason . (This is especially important for those people who live on their own of course).   If you feel you could help in any small way I would be delighted to hear from you .
Denise H…Almoner U3A

Photography Group

The Photography group met on Oliva beach 
ON TOW Steve Adams

to try to get some action shots at the Spain Kiteboarding Wingfoil event in early July.  Sadly, they picked the one day when the wind died and there was no racing!  However, one or two surfers took to the water and there was still an opportunity to practise using tripods and different camera modes.




Ray Ashton P1100978A
As usual we held a competition to choose our photo of the month and this month we had joint winners.  Congratulations to Ray Ashton and Steve Adams.  (All photos © of the photographer)

Pensionistas closed August

Pensionistas Oliva will be closed from end of 7 August until 6 September.

Members Discounts

As well as the yoga classes seen on this page don’t forget there are other discounts available to U3A Members – all shown on the members benefits page.

Speakeasy Lunch

We meet for lunch every second Wednesday at a local restaurant and try to speak Spanish during part of the meal

The Idea is to enable us to build our confidence in speaking Spanish in a friendly environment. Each week a suggested topic is sent out with phrases/verbs and vocabulary in Spanish. 

Fun and laughter are the main ingredients so why not join us for the next lunch.

Email Jan at speakeasy@u3aoliva.org if you are interested.

Website useful links

If you’ve found some useful information on the web that you think may be of interest to other members please send me the link to that site / page, and perhaps a short note to summarise the content so that I may add it to the Useful Info page on the site.

Members register

The members register will be updated after subs are received in September so that the subscribers on the website, the subscribers to the newsletter and the members of the facebook group will only include current members.

If you know of anyone who believes they are a member but presently cannot log in to the site or does not receive the newsletter please ask them to contact the webmaster or membership secretary so we may check and update their status.


Yoga is getting more popular and people want to do it on holidays. Gentle flow, stretching, breathing techniques, and meditations are intended for those who are seeking not only relaxation while on vacations.

My name is Marta and I’m a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher since August 2018. I started Simple Yoga Classes with a dedication to people over 55 years young. I offer alternatives for less flexible or more demanding clients and I like combining different styles and schools of yoga to show my students a wider view. Chair yoga, modified Sun Salutation sequences, and gentle flow of the Warrior asanas are what the participants will learn. With easy pranayama (breathing) techniques you will feel calmer and enchanted and have fun at the same time.

Simple Yoga Classes are on the beach, in the park, near the swimming pool, or in any available and tranquil location. Groups are small, around 5-7 people. Each session is 60min long and includes a warm-up, basic poses (asanas), designated flow (thematically chosen), pranayama (breathing exercises), pair work, and meditation.

Classes can run every other day, so 2-3 times per week, depending on your needs, mornings or afternoons. We’ll choose days, times, and location suitable for all participants.

If you have any questions, please get in touch on http://simpleyogaclass.com/ or WhatsApp +34 641127072

What you’ll need: a mat (or a thick towel), a bottle of water, comfortable clothes and a big smile
Costs: 5€ per class per person – or 3€ for the U3A Oliva members

This is not a class run by the U3A but a yoga teacher offering a discount to U3A Members

2021-22 Subs

Subs for the year 2021 – 22 have been agreed at a reduced level of 5€. 
The subscription is payable during the first two weeks of September. Between the 1st and 14th of September there will be a link to pay via our PayPal account posted on the members page and for those that prefer to pay by bank transfer our bank details will also appear there.
So make a note in your diary for early September to visit the members page and pay your subs.

Groups without leaders

The U3A only operates due to the support of it’s members. Without the efforts of the Group Leaders we have no groups.


We have at present a number of Groups which do not have a leader so they are not active. If you feel that you would like to talk about taking any of these groups over please contact either Angela G or Barry P.

Most importantly we need a Travel and Events Coordinator.

These other groups are:

Dance Latin American
Dressmaking / Sewing
Metal Detecting
Stand-up paddle boarding
Social cycling

If any of you have any special interests which you feel might be of interest to other members, please get in touch with The President or the Group Coordinator and we’ll discuss whether there might be the possibility of forming a new U3A Oliva group