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October 2021

The Newsletter of the U3A in Oliva

Issue 66

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the editor, the U3A Oliva, or of any entities they represent.

From our President

Dear All

I’m pleased to be able to say that, although it has been more of a paper based beginning to the U3A year than previously, most of the groups have now restarted.  I want to stress that, in order to continue as an organisation using the rooms in buildings belonging to the Ayuntamiento that we must follow their new Covid reporting regulations. This includes form filling requirements whether we are a group using Ayuntamiento rooms or otherwise.  We all have to play our part as U3A members in co-operating with the maintenance of records if we wish our group to continue as an Oliva U3A Group.

Monthly Meetings are still not able to take place but we will be keeping our eyes on the situation and hope to report some good news before long. On a positive note, the Monthly Quiz is restarting and we will be shortly announcing details of our Christmas event, so watch this space.

Many of us live on our own and, although it is lovely to be independent, this lifestyle carries a risk should an accident befall us in our own home.  Recently  a U3A member fell ill at home and was not able to get help as quickly as was needed.  There are several devices available from the Red Cross or Securitas Direct that can provide telephone assistance in the event of a fall.  Some small U3A groups are considering daily checks using Whatsapp or other platforms.  I would urge anyone living alone to consider these options.

Don’t forget to change your clocks back this month.
On behalf of your Committee,
U3A Oliva President

Info to Members

U3A FaceBook

The U3A Facebook group is now cleaned and now only has present U3A Oliva members. It is now open to posting without prior approval so groups can let you know what’s happening much more quickly and you can interact with other members.

It’s also another way in which the U3A can provide you with important information.

So if you’re on Facebook come and join our group

Membership Cards

All membership numbers and cards have been issued to those members where subs have been paid. If you know someone that hasn’t received their’s then please ask them to contact the Membership Secretary

Potential groups

We have a number of potential groups listed on the GROUPS page  – if we receive enough interest in any of these we will endeavour to start them up as a fully fledged group. For some of these we have one or two members waiting but we do need more people in order to make any group viable. 
Recent new potential groups are GOLF and MAHJONG, for which we have two members who are prepared to be Group Leaders – so if you are interested in these, or any of the other potential groups, please contact the U3A Group Coordinator


The U3A Oliva Secretary has a list of translators if anyone is in need of one. If you email secretary@u3aoliva.org she will advise you of what they are prepared to do, their fees – if any and can put you in touch.

Update Your Details

The U3A Oliva communicates with you, it’s members, primarily through email so it’s important that to ensure  that @u3aoliva.org is on your email programs permitted senders list AND check your junk/spam folder.

We also regularly post current information in the members area of this site so please visit frequently. If you’ve lost your login details then contact the webmaster.

Also in these difficult times it may be necessary to contact individual members urgently so having your current phone number on our records is important. It’s easy to let us know by using this form. If you’re unsure that we have your correct details then just fill in the form anyway. You will need to be logged in as a member to use the form.

New Golf Group

This advert is for any member who would like to join a new golf group which will be for beginners.

This group was meant to start 18 months ago but due to COVID etc has been delayed. Those people who had asked to join in my original advert need not re apply you are on my list.
When we start the proposed format is that we will play at Oliva nova probably on a Wednesday afternoon around 3-4 pm the cost will be 10 euros per person for two hours tuition/ play on their short course only. 

We will be split into two groups one hours tuition while the other group plays the short course and then swap over for the second hour. For those who do not have clubs some will be available plus practise balls, but you may need to buy some balls to play on the course.

The club pro has asked that I confirm attendance numbers every week this Will be done by setting up  an email or WhatsApp group.

Any questions just ask, if I don’t know I will find out.
To allow my deputy and I to get this running and meet the golf pro and gain more members via this advert we intend to start the group in January.

If you’re interested contact Trevor at golf@u3aoliva.org


Monthly Quiz

After a long-enforced absence due to the pandemic, I am pleased to announce that the Quiz is back to its usual routine so why not come and join us at our next Monthly Quiz, on Monday 15th November 2021.

The Quiz is usually held on the second Monday of every month at Bar Pelut in Oliva. Please check our Quiz page for details of the next quiz.

The quiz is open to anyone so long as at least one team member is a paid-up member of the U3A. This means your friends or visitors are more than welcome to join us for a fun night including an excellent meal and good company, not to mention great prizes for the winning teams.

The format is based on a UK Pub Quiz consisting of two rounds of General Knowledge questions on various topics, and three table rounds that are completed before, during and after the meal without a quizmaster (usually picture rounds, Dingbats etc.)

There is a prize for the winners of each individual round and a prize for the overall winners. No team can win a prize for more than one round. For example, if a winning team win another round, the runners up will receive the prize so no single team can win all the prizes.

A team can consist of up to six members with one member acting as team captain. The captain will be responsible for registering the team name on the U3A website and submitting the menu choices for their team at least a week before the event. The team captain will collect all the money due for their team which is payable on the night.

If you are an individual or a couple that would prefer to be part of a larger team or, if you have any special dietary needs, please contact the Quiz Coordinator who will try and accommodate your request.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Groups Reports

The History and Appreciation of Art

The History and Appreciation of Art group kept going this year with monthly zoom meetings. We managed to have one meeting in the ‘real world’ in June, before breaking for the summer; followed by an end of term lunch at the Pensionister Bar, with twenty one members and partners attending.

Paul Gauguin’s “The Painter of Flowers, Portrait of van Gogh.”

We are now fully up and running again, and held our first meeting at the CPC on the fourth of October. We were looking at the early paintings of Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, up to the time of their journey to Arles, where Vincent hoped to realise his dream of creating a ‘studio of the south’ and fellow artists would come to create new and extraordinary works, inspired by the sun and magnificent light of the Provence.

Vincent van Gogh’s “Cafe Terrace at Night,”

The one fact about van Gogh that everyone knows is that he cut off his own ear; but as his dream of fraternal experimentation crashed what tortured phantasy led him to attack his good friend Gauguin, then in remorse mutilate himself and deliver the gruesome souvenir to a prostitute?

Van Gogh, contrary to the view that he was some kind of mad genius, who hit almost innocently on a novel way of painting, was well versed in the history of art, gained from his early training in the family firm of art dealers, and his younger brother, Theo, who believed in him, supported him financially and promoted his work. He may have been a tormented soul but said “If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere” and painted some of the most glorious and sunny pictures in the history of art.

Gauguin brought from his experiences of painting in Brittany, new, inventive ideas about colour, imagination and how to represent the world on a flat surface – which in turns influenced and infuriated the younger man. He liked to proclaim “I come from the Borges of Aragon, but I am also a savage”, and went on to create his own myth of the artist who abandoned civilisation and went to paint in the South Sea Islands.

In our November meeting we will be with them to see what extraordinary, revolutionary and sometimes stormy work they produced under the blue skies of the south. 1888 was the year that they each made such an unprecedented breakthrough in the way a painting is made and constructed out of colour that art was changed forever; and consequently the way we as observers see the world.

As has been mentioned before: research (in a Norwegian study) shows that there are positive benefits to health and well being from looking at art, particularly the more colourful works of Modern art; so, as we launch our viewing into the twentieth century, now would be a good time to think of joining this flourishing group. Enquiries through the History and Appreciation of Art webpage to the leader, Robert Sedgley.

Guitar Group

Rock ‘N’ Rolliva

The Guitar Group goes Alfresco

Please picture this, it’s 3:30 in the afternoon, Tuesday 12th October, the Pensionistas in Oliva. We turn up and tune up. Our session starts at 4:00. We are told we can’t play (not for the first time!). It is a Spanish National Holiday and they will close at 4:00. We sat outside, distraught, dismayed, dejected, rejected and sad, resigned to watching the tumble weed roll slowly down the N332.

Then somebody suggested, let’s play outside, it’s a lovely day.

Chairs and drinks were brought out and we settled down for an impromptu ‘jam’. We played and played and……played.

We were aware that a crowd was forming, it soon grew to about 30 or more.

Much strong liquor was consumed.

We soon had a very lively audience, mainly British, ready to party, singing along, clapping and cheering.

Needless to say, Angela, bless her, stayed open, coping bravely with the unexpected surge in business.

People were shouting out requests (but we carried on playing anyway!)

2 hours of non-stop rock and roll. It was great! Rock on

Walking Football

The U3A Oliva Walking Football group got the season underway on Friday October 8th with a good turnout of ten players, all whom were keen to get back on the pitch after six months without kicking a ball.

We play every Friday morning at 11.00am at the Oliva Sports Centre, or Pavelló Esportiu Municipal to give it its full name, in Carrer de Gabriel Miró. We use a five-a-side pitch with a blue concrete surface on the far side (from reception) of the full size football pitch. New players and spectators do not need to come through reception to get there, you can cut through from the car park.

Our Friday morning matches are 25 minutes each way. We can go up to 6 a side, and if more people turn up, we use rolling subs to make sure everyone gets a game. All you need to take part are a decent pair of trainers, shorts and a T shirt. If you’re not familiar with walking football, it’s essentially the same as five-a-side football except that no running on or off the ball is allowed, and will be penalised with a free kick to the other side. We also only allow tackling from the front, we want to encourage pass and move football rather than physicality.

New players are always welcome, and if you aren’t sure if it’s for you or not, you can always come along and spectate first, there are benches to sit on. If you ARE interested, come ten minutes early for the warm up and administration. The fee is 2 euros per session. Why not give it a try?


Zumba Gold is back in the large hall at CPC at 11am on Friday 22nd October.

Pic is pre-covid:

Thanks to Cris, our great instructor, we kept going during lockdown via Zoom, then used a small room at a gym in Piles, but were limited there to 9 committed members so are really looking forward to dancing again!

If you’d like to attend, email Nancy at: zumba@u3aoliva.org

Zumba Gold is less energetic than ‘Zumba’ & no equipment is necessary, just bring yourself in comfy footwear, loose-fitting clothing with a drink & small towel.

Depending on numbers, the session charge will be €3-4.

Craft and Yarn

I am really pleased with the way the craft and Yarn group is developing. There are so many talented members as well as members who wish to learn a new skill.
So far we have weavers, quilters, knitters, crotcheters, as well as experts in jewellery making, beading,  decoupage, macrame, silk painting, rug making and others too many to mention.  A lot of the members are gearing up for the festive season preparing items for gifts or their craft stalls.
We meet on Monday morning 11am at the Pensionista centre and enjoy drinks and chat as well as working on our crafts for two hours.
Whatever your skill level you are welcome to come and join us.  Small art projects are also acceptable ( drawing/sketching), even water colours. 
Perhaps you would just like to join in with the chatting, you are welcome. I’m sure you will soon find yourself learning a craft.

The Astronomy Group

The U3a Oliva Astronomy group has begun its regular fortnightly meetings at the CPC Monday afternoons at 4pm. A range of topics have been discussed including telescopes, binoculars and finding your way in the night sky. New members are welcome.

International Observe the Moon Night took place on the evening of October 16th it was cloudy however so the Moon was not visible. International Observe the Moon Night is a regular yearly event and encourages people to view the Moon at First Quarter (Half Phase) during October. The Moon is however a regular visitor to the night sky and there is always plenty of detail to view using a pair of binoculars. If anyone would like to make a simple observation of easy to see features, a printed sheet with details can be supplied.

There is plenty to see in the evening starting with the bright planet Venus which is visible almost immediately after sunset in the SW. Venus will continue to be visible for a month or more to come. The bright planets Jupiter and Saturn are still bright and easily visible in the South after the sky is fully dark. Jupiter is the brighter one to the left and Saturn is further towards the West. Both planets are within the relatively dim constellation Capricornus, binoculars will show some of the brighter stars close to and above Saturn. Early next month the rather dim planet Uranus will be at Opposition, opposition is when the object is opposite to the Sun rising as the Sun sets and well placed for viewing in a dark sky. A small telescope or even binoculars will provide views of Uranus however it shows a tiny disc and it not easy to locate so a detailed star map and a clear dark sky are needed to locate it. Uranus was the first planet to be discovered since ancient times. Sir William Herschel found it using his home-made telescope from his garden in Bath April 13th 1781. Hershel’s discovery caused quite a sensation, he considered the object to be a comet and he wrote an account of its discovery. Later observations by Herschel and other astronomers proved it to be a far-off planet and as such the Solar System was far larger than considered at that time. Uranus had been noted by many astronomers even by Ancient Greek observers who considered it to be a star.

During November the Seven Sisters (Pleiades) return to the evening sky and this group of 6 easy to see sparkling stars marks the return of cooler nights. To view them choose a site with a clear horizon to the East and look when the sky is fully dark after 8 PM. Binoculars will provide a stunning view of many bright blue-white stars. Below them, further East another “V” shaped group of stars are visible, this group is the Hyades and they represent the “Head” of the Charging Bull Taurus. A bright orange coloured star, Aldebaran, marks the “Eye” of the Bull.

Do take the opportunity to view the night sky, there are many incredible objects to see.

Spanish Classes

Just look at these enthusiastic students!    Most of these  are false beginners and are doing really well.    In this class we are learning the Spanish alphabet,  absolutely necessary when spelling our strange foreign names!    As some letters can sound similar (like b and p ) we will go on to learn how to handle this in future classes.    One place left in this class also.    There are however more places in our 4pm Beginners class.

This is our Intermediate class

(room for just  1 student more)
enjoying a chat about the films we enjoy. We’re working on descriptions and feelings, likes and dislikes.   James, our teacher, reminded us that we don’t generally use the verb ‘gustar’ if we like a person as this could lead to misunderstandings !!!


El Bastidor Children’s Christmas Party

Dear Members all,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that U3A Oliva has kindly been given permission by the Town Council of Oliva to hold a Christmas Party for the children of El Bastidor.

The children’s Christmas Party was an annual event in Oliva and was always a great success. It will be held at the CPC on Monday the 20th December, we will supply food and drinks, entertainment, music and ……Santa (Papa Noel).

But, the highlight for the children is…..

2020 Shoeboxes

The Shoebox!

The idea is simple, if you wish to donate a shoebox or more please let me know at vice-president@U3Aoliva.org, you may have friends or relatives who wish to donate, no problem, it is not restricted to U3A members. I just need a name and an email address. I will reply with the age and gender of the child, for example, Girl, 8 years old. You will then fill the shoebox with presents to a value not exceeding €15, this is so no child gets a lot more than any other.

You will also put a lot of love into the box, I am not imposing a limit on that!

Wrap it, decorate it if you wish, and attach a label or sticker clearly stating the age and gender of the lucky girl or boy who gets your present. Shoeboxes are easy to get, Oliva market or shoe shops are more than happy to oblige, or ask them to save them for you. I will organise collection nearer the time.

Lastly, phew!, I apologise to all the many of you who knew all this already, we have had new members this year who may not know the ‘rules’.

Thank you in anticipation of your kindness.
Stay safe,
Steve Hems, Vice-President.

Announcing "Oliva 2022"

A beautiful photographic diary of Oliva has been published. The diary includes useful local phone numbers, space for your own addresses and notes, and all the Spanish, Valencia and Oliva bank holidays (as currently published). Alongside each “week to view” page are stunning photos of Oliva, submitted by members of the Oliva Tattler Facebook group.

Diaries are €14 each, with €2 being donated to P.E.P.A. and the remainder covering the printing costs. Full colour, 8.5 inches x 6.5 inches, 120 pages, 57 photos, glossy cover.


To order, contact Angela direct via angelagarry.oliva@yahoo.com ASAP as a bulk order of copies will take two to three weeks to arrive from the printers.


Please note: this is not a U3A production – it is a non-profit fund-raiser created privately by U3A Group Coordinator Angela in aid of P.E.P.A. animal shelter.

Changing Residency for TIE

If you still haven’t changed your green, EU Residency Card for the foreigners TIE Card here are clear instructions as to how to do it.