U3A Oliva

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Bridge Group

Group Leader: Julia R

Deputy Group Leader: Philip R

Email: bridge@u3aoliva.org

When: Wednesday 10:00 -13:00

Where: Pensionistas Map

Numbers Max:


If you would like more details or to be to be an active participant in the group, please contact the leader via the email above.

Current Information:

The new U3A 2021-22 year is upon us, and the Bridge Group will be meeting each week to play at tables in the cafe area of the Pensionistes building, starting from Wednesday 8 September.

New members are always welcome – and should contact the group leader beforehand.

Please note that the group doesn’t have capacity to teach beginners, so you need to already be able to play Bridge in order to join.

See below for information about the group.

About Our Group

We’re a Group of mixed abilities and we are always looking for more players. Perhaps you have played Whist or similar games in the past and would like to learn to play bridge but thought it too complicated. If so, come and find out for yourself, you are most welcome!

We all have one thing in common – to learn and to improve in a friendly, competitive atmosphere! You can take comfort from the fact that we all make colossal mistakes from time to time and try not to get too serious about it!

Why not come and enjoy the fun!