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As we have already said, Line dancing these days is not always to Country and Western music and our instructor, Nigel, uses a wide range of music to ensure there is something for everyone.

LIST OF DANCES taught so far:

5 Into 1

Ah Si

Jerusalema 24 count Challenge & 32 & 64 count Line Dance

Electric Slide

Rita’s Waltz

Sweet Sweet Smile

Eye Candy


Don’t Shut me Down

Hooked on Country

Ribbon of Highway

Irish Stew

Boat to Liverpool

Cowboy Charleston

Mama Maria

Stroll Along Cha Cha

Peaches and Cream

Blue Night Cha

Country Walking

One Step Forward

Train Swing


Red Hot Salsa

La Fiesta Cubana – demo

County Line

Peppermint Twist


Go Cat Go

Rocket to the Sun

Ghost Train

Little Red Book

Tennessee Waltz Surprise

Until the Dawn

Grundy Gallop

Dance Monkey

Shania’s Moment

Cupid Shuffle

Cuando when Cuando

Cold Heart

It’s a Heartache

Lindi Shuffle

House on Fire

Green Green Grass

Da Doo Ron Ron

Hear my Song

Texas Stomp

What a Feeling


Cowboy Strut

Miss Congeniality

Pick a Bale

Sexy Eyes

Skinny Genes

Train Wreck

Lemon Tree


Rhumba and Roses

Day of the Dead

Boardwalk Angel

Golden Oldies recapped

Gypsy Queen

Champagne Promise

Miller Magic


Come Dance with Me

Pot of Gold

Smokey Places

I Close my Eyes

Down on your Uppers

Bonaparte’s Retreat

Home to You

Islands in the Stream

Bonapartes Retreat


The Long Way Home

Azahar County Line Dancing has its own You Tube channel and a lot of the dances we do can be viewed there.  Click HERE to be taken directly to the list of videos.

Alternatively, there are many dances online demonstrated by other groups and, as long as you have the name of the dance, a simple Google search will find them.

For those who are interested in more detail, Stepsheets and demonstrations are also available online and can be viewed on Copperknob and Everything Line Dance.