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During the summer months, I would like to offer you the opportunity to meet up with other U3A members for lunch on a Thursday in one of the local restaurants.  Due to current restrictions on the number of customers each restaurants can accommodate, members will have to be accepted on a First come, first served basis.  Names of those members not included in the lunch group will be put on a Waiting List in case someone cancels.

Every Friday, I will send out an invitation for you to join me for lunch, naming the restaurant and giving the cost of the Menu del Dia.   Preference will be given to those restaurants which offer outside eating areas.  I will let you know  by email whether your name has been included on the list of those having lunch or whether you have been put on the Waiting List.

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Mario’s Bellreguard

Palomares Bellreguard

Oliva Pensionistas

Restaurante Rumar Oliva beach


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