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The U3A in Oliva – supporting charities

The Oliva U3A is not just about life-long learning for members. We also want to be part of our local and global community – and one way we do this is to support charities. Over the years we have given thousands of euros to charities suggested by our members. Every year during our main event in June we hand over the cheques to that year’s chosen charities.

But our generous members not only give money, they also give up their time. If you would like to help us in anyway or have an idea for a group activity that could support our local community, please do get in touch.

The Franciscan Shelter for Men. 

Palma de Gandia provides a home and nursing care for around 65 homeless men, many of whom suffer from mental or physical illness or are terminally ill.

These men would otherwise be on the streets and unlikely to survive without this special care. Admission is solely on the basis of need. All nationalities and all religions (or none) are accepted.

The hospice is funded entirely by charitable donations, not a cent is received in state aid.

El Bastidor

El Bastidor is an  after-school educational, sports and social Centre of Education, aimed at boys and girls between six and seventeen years from underprivileged homes.

It helps kids improve their school performance and integration as well as make friends and get some well-needed moral support.

We encourage members to volunteer in the centre or to assist in other ways such as knitting finger puppets to use as educational tools.