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Committee Members 2021

If you are interested in joining the committee, to help to develop your organisation, or you think you could help in the planning of events etc. please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members;

President : Barry P

Committee member, President

  • The management and legal representation of the Association, by delegation of the General Assembly and the Committee.
  • Presiding over the debates of the Committee and General Assembly
  • Liaising with the Town Hall, other U3A associations and other organisations for mutual benefit. 
  • Reviewing and signing the minutes and certificates made by the Secretary
  • Any other duties the General Assembly or the Committee delegate to him/her.

Email: President

Vice president : Stephen H

Committee member, Vice-president

  • Assisting with the responsibilities of the President and substituting for him / her in case of absence or illness
  • Arranging speakers for the monthly meetings

Email: Vice President

Treasurer : Graham Martin

Committee member, Treasurer

  • Safekeeping and control of the resources of the association
  • Preparation of the annual budget and financial statements
  • Paying invoices approved by the committee
  • Making financial reports to the committee at the monthly meetings

Email: Treasurer

Secretary : Nancy B

Committee member, Secretary

  • Guarding the documentation of the Association
  • Preparing and circulating the agenda and writing up the minutes of the Committee and General Assembly,
  • Writing up and authorizing any certificates that must be issued.

Email: Secretary

Deputy secretary : Vacant

Committee  member, 

  • Assisting the secretary as required.
  • Standing in for the secretary as required.

Membership secretary: Webmaster

Non-Committee member, Membership Secretary.

  • Maintaining the register of members.
  • Welcoming new members.
  • Checking registrations and renewals against bank and PayPal to confirm receipt. 
  • Being pro-active in communication with members.

Email: Membership Secretary

Group coordinator : Jo Perez

Committee member, Group Coordinator.

  • Consulting with the members to determine which new groups are required
  • Assisting the Group Leaders with setting up and running their groups
  • Publicising the group activities and schedules to the members
  • Organising the annual Group Leaders conference
  • Email: Group coordinator

Press & Publicity: Vacant

Committee member, Press & Publicity 

  • Publicising the activites of the U3A in local media

Email: Publicity

Travel & Events Coordinator: Garry  Slater, Joanne Perez, Hilary Clark.

Committee Member, Travel & Events Coordinator

  • Researching appropriate destinations for trips and excursions.
  • Publicising the trips and excursions and organising booking arrangements
  • Controlling the income and expenditure for each trip or event and providing financial summaries for the Treasurer •Liaising with Group leaders to make group trips available to other members

Email: Travel & Events

Web Master: Kelvin Jarman

Non-Committee member, Web Master.

  • Maintaining the overall accuracy, consistency and security of the website
  • Liaising with the website providers to suggest improvements, solve technical problems and implement new functions
  • Providing training and assistance to authorised users
  • Making suggestions to the Committee about improvements / alterations to the site and implementing them when approved.
  • Acting as Admin for the U3A Office 365 account.
  • Design and production of membership cards in conjunction with the Membership Secretary.
  • Creating and issuing Newsletters.
  • Issuing emails to all members as required.

Email: Webmaster

Committee Members :

Denise H:  almoner@u3aoliva.org