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Covid Reporting and Related Info

Important – Covid Reporting Requirement

This is a note of importance to ALL U3A Oliva members who attend any of our Groups or meetings – regardless of whether the group or meeting is held indoors or outdoors, at any venue.
We were informed on 4 September 2021 by the Ajuntament d’Oliva that, as an organisation operating within Oliva and, in some cases, using public facilities, U3A Oliva are now required to appoint a Covid-19 Co-ordinator who must advise the Public Health authority if any U3A Oliva member (who is attending any of our groups) tests positive for Covid-19.  This is to help reduce the risk of outbreaks of Covid-19 across Oliva and beyond.
As a member of the U3A Oliva, if you test positive for Covid-19 and have recently attended any of our groups, it is your responsibility to contact the Covid-19 Co-ordinator (email covid-coord@u3aoliva.org) with your surname and contact phone number. Please note, this only applies to YOU if you test positive, not if a family member or someone else in your household tests positive. This should be done as soon as possible, as we need to then act quickly to inform Public Health.
Many of our groups have already started this month so whilst we appoint a Covid-19 Co-ordinator the email address covid-coord@u3aoliva.org will forward directly to the U3A Oliva’s President only. Your email and its contents will be treated in complete confidentiality and passed onto the Public Health Authority to take appropriate action.
The information we must forward to Public Health is the surname and contact phone number of the person – and also the surnames and phone numbers of all people (members, tutors, group leaders) who have attended the same group(s) as that person in recent days. Public Health will then make any relevant decisions on “track and trace”.

Covid Status Certificates

certifies whether the bearer has had Covid-19 over the last six months, has tested negative for the coronavirus via a PCR or antigen test 11 days prior to the emission of the document, and whether or not they have been vaccinated 14 days previously.

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