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The U3A Oliva constitutional matters


EXISTING POLICIES (supplementary to the Constitution) Reviewed in February 2020.

  1. Group leaders may not act as paid instructors and paid instructors may not be members.
  2. Instructors: A maximum €30 per hour is allowed for instructors, receipts must be provided.
  3. Non-members may take part in group activities twice, after that they must join if they wish to continue participating. This also applies to members of other U3A Associations.
  4. Car expenses: the sum of 45 cents per kilometre to be reimbursed for legitimate association business. An expense form must be submitted to the Treasurer.
  5. Invitation of guests to events: If guests are invited by groups to any group event, for the benefit of the group, the cost of this must be borne by the group. If guests are invited by the President to any event benefitting the membership as a whole, the cost will be borne by the U3A.
  6. The death of a member will be acknowledged with an obituary on the front page of the website, and a card will be sent to the surviving spouse if applicable.
  7. Membership: The total will be restricted to 2000
  8. Committee: Anybody who wants to join should approach an existing committee member, who will in form the President, who will issue an invitation. The applicant will make a brief presentation at the following committee meeting and will become a committee member unless the majority of the committee are against.
  9. Committee Minutes and monthly accounts will be made available to the members via publication on the website once they have been approved by the committee.
  10. Trips may be open to members of other U3A’s if numbers are insufficient from our own membership and their guests.
  11. All event and travel bookings will be open to members and guests.
  12. Speakers: It is the responsibility of the Vice President to find speakers for the monthly meetings. Speakers with a commercial interest must only talk about topics of general interest, and must not promote their own businesses, although they may leave their business cards in the hall. Paid speakers are acceptable, to a maximum of €50.
  13. Advertising on the U3A website is not allowed. A business which wishes to promote itself may offer some benefit to U3A members, and place this offer on the ‘members’ benefits’ page of the website.
  14. Trips and Events: In keeping with the spirit of the U3A, those running trips or events (Travel and Event Co-ordinators/organisers) will be required to pay the normal cost of a trip or event, including any meals or accommodation. If a free place or meal or other such benefit is offered to the organiser the value should be shared as a saving by all the registrants for an event. This is not intended to prevent the participants themselves making a gift to the organisers, if they so wish.
  15. E Mails-U3A Oliva email account shall be used only for U3A Oliva related purposes and not for the creation or distribution of any disruptive or offensive messages, including offensive comments about race, gender, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, pornography, religious beliefs and practice, political beliefs, or national origin. Members who receive any emails with this content from any U3A Oliva member should report the matter to the Secretary immediately. Full membership email blasts are prohibited unless authorised by the President or Vice President. Sending chain letters or joke emails from the U3A Oliva email account is prohibited. U3A Oliva may monitor messages without prior notice but is not obliged to.
  16. Data Protection Policy (see separate document)