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Flamenco Guitar

Status: Active, open to new members
Group email: [u3a_contact name=”Flamenco Guitar group” email=”flamencoguitar@u3aoliva.org”]
When: Weekly on Thursday mornings
Thursdays at 10:00- 11:00
Venue: Pensionistas
Cost: 8€ per session

Have you ever been dreaming of playing a Flamenco guitar? Now, when you finally have all the time in the world, do you want to take the chance and learn the secrets of Flamenco music? This year you could do it together with Tony Valverde, a professional flamenco guitarist and singer who is ready to start flamenco guitar classes for you for a small fee of eight euros but a much more rewarding environment. 

Tony has been playing and singing for many years, he composes music and lyrics, and every Thursday he will guide you through the basic techniques and flamenco rhythms. If needed, he can also help you find a Spanish acoustics guitar at affordable prices! Do not worry about the level of your  Castellano, Tony will be accompanied by a Spanish to English interpreter to help explain ideas in English. 

 You can always contact Trees Fenijn, the group leader, for more information (flamencoguitar@u3aoliva.org), but, subject to the approval by the municipal authorities of the premises at Pensionistas, the class is foreseen to take place on Thursdays at 10:00- 11:00, so book your place with us and start enjoying an exciting revelation of passionate rhythms and sounds!