U3A Oliva

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Canasta Group

Group Leader: Kathy P

Deputy Group Leader:Bob H

Email: canasta@u3aoliva.org

When: Every Tuesday, 13:00 to eat, 14.00 to play

Where: Pensionistas Map

Numbers Max:


If you would like more details or to be an active participant in the group, please contact the leader via the email above.

About Our Group

Canasta (Spanish for “basket”) is a card game of the rummy family of games. Although many variations exist for two, three, five or six players, it is most commonly played by four in two partnerships with two standard decks of cards. Players attempt to make melds of seven cards of the same rank and “go out” by playing all cards in their hand.

We are an extremely friendly group, and Canasta is easy to play. If you have played before you will be very welcome and if not then you can learn easily. 

If interested, contact the leader using the email link above for further information.