Group Leaders

Group leaders play a valuable role in u3a Oliva. Each group normally has a leader and a deputy leader. You'll find their details on each group's own page. They co-ordinate each of our groups, helping us offer so many activities to members. They are all volunteers, who share their experience and skills with others.

The role of a group leader

  • Arrange date, time and place for meetings of the group
  • Keep a register of the group members
  • Co-ordinate the activities of the group
  • Keep the group's web page up to date
  • Inform the press secretary of any interesting group news
  • Keep in touch with other group leaders to share information and skills

u3a Oliva supports groups through loaning equipment including a laptop, projector and screen, a PA system and music centre, and a mobile phone. There may also be financial support from the central fund available if the group needs resources such as materials or equipment.

The groups co-ordinator can share the policies and additional guidance you need.

Useful documents:

Getting involved

If you'd like to get involved in an existing group, or fill a vacancy, start by talking to the group leader or the central co-ordinator. And if you'd like to help out with the u3a, perhaps by joining the committee, helping co-ordinate members or looking after the website, then we'd welcome your help.