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Speakeasy Lunch Group

Group Leader: Jan

Deputy Group Leader:

Email: speakeasy@u3aoliva.org

When: every second Wednesday

Where: Various

Numbers Max:


If you would like more details or to be an active participant in the group, please contact the leader via the email above.

About Our Group

We meet for lunch every second Wednesday at a restaurant either in Oliva or surrounding area – dependent on members’ wishes. The idea is that we attempt to speak Spanish for the Main course and English for the First and Dessert Course.

The idea behind the Lunch is to enable us to build our confidence in speaking Spanish in a friendly environment. Each week a suggested Topic is sent out with phrases/verbs and vocabulary in Spanish. This Topic, as mentioned, is only a suggestion in case our conversation grinds to a halt which, so far, it hasn’t! Once in a while we do a bit of revision called the Lucky Dip whereby a member picks a folded piece of paper out of an envelope and tries to answer the question posed on the piece of paper.

Fun and laughter are the main ingredients in our Speakeasy Lunches. Why not join us for the next Speakeasy Lunch? Email Jan at speakeasy@u3aoliva.org if you are interested.