Group Leaders FAQ

Groups are at the heart of the U3A movement: without them there would be no Association. We all come from different backgrounds and with different interests and knowledge. Sharing your enthusiasm with others can be fun and fulfilling.

In order to operate, each group within the U3A must have a group leader and a deputy leader. At least one of these MUST be present at every session of the group.

If you are interested in becoming a Group Leader or a Deputy Group Leader, please read the questions and answers below.

Q. Who can be a Group Leader or Deputy Leader?


  • a U3A member who is the contact and organiser for a group’s members
  • a U3A member who collates / distributes information, teaches / instructs agroup.

Q. What does a Group Leader (or in their absence, a Deputy Group Leader) have to do?

  • The U3A year runs from September to August – Group Leaders will arrange the day, time and place for meetings of the group in conjunction with the Group Coordinator
  • Book rooms (as necessary) via the Group Coordinator
  • Take a register of members at each meeting and check that newcomers tothe group are members of the U3A
  • Co-ordinate the activities of the group, in collaboration with the members
  • Keep the group's web page up to date – either doing this themselves, or viathe Group Coordinator or the Webmaster
  • If any money is collected from Group members to pay for outside tutors,photocopies, supplies, etc, the Group Leader must provide accounts to theU3A Treasurer each September for the previous year’s expenditure
  • Prepare a display board for U3A meetings as required
  • Inform the Group Coordinator of any interesting group news for inclusion inthe U3A’s newsletters to all members.

Q. Do I need any qualifications or special skills?

• No, but it is useful to be able to use a computer or equivalent device to maintain a list of members and to send and receive emails.

Q. Do Group Leaders receive any payment?

  • No. All Group Leaders, Deputy Group Leaders and Committee members of the U3A are voluntary roles.
  • We hope that from running a group you will gain the satisfaction and enjoyment of sharing your interests and skills with the other members.
  • Only outside tutors brought in to run specialised sessions (because there are no members in the group who are qualified to do so) can be paid.

Q. What resources are available?

  • Group Leaders can purchase resources (up to the value of €50) such as books, music, materials, and equipment from the U3A Oliva’s central fund.

Q. Do the Group leaders get support or meet regularly?

  • All group leaders have access to the Group Coordinator for help and support with all admin tasks and training to enable use of the website if requested.
  • Both the Group Coordinator and the Webmaster are happy to undertake your group’s webpage maintenance if you wish.
  • We arrange a meeting of all Group Leaders in the autumn and occasionally also in the spring. Sharing ideas and getting feedback is important for all of us, and it is good to get together.

Q. How do I become a Group Leader?

• Speak to the Group Coordinator and arrange a meeting.