Shoe Box Christmas Appeal

It's time to think outside (and inside) the box.

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It is with great pleasure that I announce the details of this year's Shoebox Appeal on behalf of the children of El Bastodor School in Oliva Old Town. For all those that are regular contributors I apologise for going over the requirements, I know most of you will know them.

Simply, find a shoebox, shops or Oliva market usually have them, approximately men's size 8/9 (this is to keep uniformity and not promote anticipation of the contents!)

Fill your shoebox with toys, gifts, reading or writing material, even clothes, T-shirts etc. but at least one toy, no food or sweets/drinks, to a value of approx. €15, if you see a €20 item reduced to €15 that's great, lucky kid!

Try to wrap the box with either pink or blue, please no bows or outer decorations, these get in the way when we are stacking the boxes, and write the age and gender chosen clearly on top to make it easier for the elves and I to sort and distribute, we do this as Papa Noel and his elves and it truly is a wonderful experience!

Now for the figures, this year we are hoping to produce 75 boxes (we will!). The age range is 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 year old boys and girls.

Please email me with your name and your choice, age and gender, at

Collection will be at various points in Oliva, to be announced, mid December (or earlier if you wish).

This is not restricted to U3A members, all are welcome to participate.

Many thanks,
Steve Hems
Vice President