Your committee - the roles

Here are the main committee roles, and some information about what they are responsible for.


The President has overall responsibility for u3a Oliva and how it works. They ensure we meet all our legal obligations and work with the local Ajuntament. They call and chair committee meetings and preside over the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for members. They work closely with other committee members, and offer help if needed. They appoint non-committee members if necessary, and meet prospective committee members to answer their questions. They deal with correspondence from members, and they work with the wider u3a network.

Vice President

The Vice President deputises for the President, and assists them when needed. They offer support to other committee members. The Vice President also organises regular meetings / guest speakers, and are responsible for equipment and our property inventory.


The Treasurer keeps accurate records of our finances, producing monthly that are presented to the Committee. They also produce annual accounts that are presented at the AGM. They record membership payments and reimburse expenses from group leaders as needed.


The Secretary makes sure that the u3a Oliva Constitution, Rules and By-Laws are followed. They work closely with the President. They act as the main contact point for the u3a and manage official correspondence. They keep copies of important documents like certificate and licences. They also prepare and distribute meeting agenda, take notes and record decisions made. The Secretary also manages the election process. including nominations and the AGM. They also keep in touch with the Oliva Ajuntament to ensure that u3a retains its status as a registered association.

Group Co-ordinator

The Group Co-ordinator provides overall management of the more than 30 groups running. They liaise and support current, prospective and new group leaders. They update and distribute the guidelines for groups. And they provide practical help - helping to find accommodation and with booking. They identify demand for new groups and try to create them, and keep the committee up to date. They keep details of groups, leaders and organisers up to date, and make sure the groups and events parts of the website are up to date.

Travel & Events Co-ordinator

The Travel & Events Co-ordinator looks for opportunities for travel or events that members might enjoy. They research and cost up ideas, and then present them to the committee. They organise the activity, including venues, travel and cost. And then work with others to advertise them to members. They keep records of attendance, and make sure all attendees understand the rules and guidance for each activity.


The Publicity Co-ordinator helps promote u3a Oliva to members, partners and the wider local community. They promote our activities through social media, through local organisations (like press) and to members through newsletters. They work to recruit new members by promoting what we do., including through posters, leaflets as needed.


The Almoner is the key contact for members who need help, support or assistance in everyday live due to illness or injury. They engage with isolated members and encourage greater participation and communication with our wider community. They lead practical support, by managing a list of items that can be loaned to members, and linking up those in need with members who have offered their time and skills to help. They promote this help through the u3a website and others channels. If needed, they can arrange meet ups to help support lonely members.

There are many other opportunities to get involved and support your u3a. That could be helping with groups, supporting events or just helping with a coffee morning once in a while. Email the president for more information.