Next Wine Tasting: Organic Wines

Event type: Social
Date: Thursday 27th June 2024
Group: Wine Tasting
Venue: Sabores Restaurant
Pam O'Neill
Cost: 15€ for Tapas, 5€ for the wine selection (a tasting of 6 bottles)
Booking: Note that booking is required.

Come and join the Wine Tasting Group for an evening of tapas & tasting.

This time, we're focusing on organic wines, what that means, and whether we can taste the difference.

As normal, there'll be a range of different wines to try, along side some great food.

But we'll also be doing some blind taste testing too, to see if you know your sulphites from your organic. It should be a lot of fun.

This month's meeting is on Thursday 27th June at Sabores Restaurant in Oliva. It's the same good value - 15€ each towards the tapas, and 5€ each towards the wine.