Group Category: Languages

  • Spanish: Advanced

    We are a group of between 8 to 12 people who are reasonably happy to try to speak Spanish. We are eager to improve our conversational skills, our grammar and our use of Spanish idioms. Our teacher is Carla, who understands much more English than she lets on! She is great fun, and makes our… Read more

  • Spanish: Beginners

    This group is designed for new arrivals to Spain or for those of you who have been here a while and just not got round to learning Spanish!  Not sure what level you are? This group has the advantage of being followed at 5pm with the intermediate group – you are warmly invited to stay… Read more

  • Spanish: Conversations

    We are a friendly group who meet over a coffee each week to help each other improve our Spanish. We meet every Tuesday morning at 10.30, at the Pizzeria Luigi next to Galano on the new part of the Paseo, about 100 metres from the new Mercadona on the southern end. Read more

  • Spanish: Intermediate

    This group was formed as a beginners group some years ago. Happily the students have progressed very well and the need was seen to turn it into ‘intermediate’.    Our teacher, James, has been living in  Spanish-speaking countries for over 20 years and has developed a deep love  and enthusiasm for the  language. Being an expat… Read more

  • Speakeasy Spanish

    We meet for lunch every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at a restaurant either in Oliva or surrounding area – dependent on members’ wishes. The idea is that we attempt to speak Spanish for the Main course and English for the First and Dessert Course. The idea behind the Lunch is to enable us to build… Read more