Event Category: Social

  • Sweet Talkers. It's a sticky subject. Bees and Honey

    The talk (and AGM) have been moved to Tasca Olivense due to ongoing works at the Pensionistas. We apologise for the late notice. Donna and Sauro will be presenting information about their local honey farm. They will explaining how they brave the bees to collect the honey, the differences between honeycombs and hives and how… Read more

  • Gandia Marjals & Wetlands Amble - Tuesday April 23rd

    A wonderful walk around the Gandia / La Safor Marjals and then the Wetlands. Not to be missed. Read more

  • Next Quiz - Monday June 10th

    As always, the format is based on a UK Pub Quiz consisting of two rounds of General Knowledge questions on various topics, and three table rounds that are completed before, during and after the meal without a quizmaster (usually picture rounds, Dingbats etc.) Menu Primeros Segundos Postres Wine and Coffee included Read more