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  • Shoe Box Christmas Appeal

    It's time to think outside (and inside) the box. It is with great pleasure that I announce the details of this year's Shoebox Appeal on behalf of the children of El Bastodor School in Oliva Old Town. For all those that are regular contributors I apologise for going over the requirements, I know most of… Read more

  • Photography Group - Gallery

    Photos shown below were chosen by members as their favourite of each monthly assignment We meet twice a month for practical discussions and photographic assignments. To see further photos taken during our visits click here If you would like to know more or would like to join our group please contact Malcolm via email: Read more

  • President's Update (October 2023)

    Hola a todas! Hello to you all! I would like to suggest that you get yourself comfortable. I am a Learner with a lot to say. Your committee is now gearing up for the next few months with what we hope will be a mixture of activities and events, so please get your diary and pencil ready.… Read more

  • Welcome to your new website

    Your u3a website does a really important job in helping you get the most of your membership. We've made some changes to how your u3a website works, and really hope you like them. Here's what's new... No need to log-in We've removed usernames and passwords to make it simpler for everyone to use. Your email… Read more

  • News 2401

    January 2021 The Newsletter of the U3A in Oliva Issue 57 President's greeting... EXCITING Research Project! Help & Support Network... New group news Travel news Good morning, September brings the start to our U3A year after what seemed a very long and hot summer and now a very wet start to autumn. I hope you… Read more

  • History of Art

    Author's note: Please don't use the 'posts' section for new content. The site is set up to show posts in a different way, such as in automated lists. Instead, focus any amends on the existing 'page'. In addition, please avoid using the 'classic block' option - choose the new block type you want from the… Read more